Constipation treatment (treatment for constipatoin) include diet treatment, medicine treatment, primary disease treatment, surgical treatment, diet, massage, herbal treatment and so on.

Your fisrt choice of constipation treatment (treatment for constipation) should be diet treatment.

Natural way to treat constipation, use herbals or diet is much more healthy than take laxative.

Constipation treatment or treatment for constipation.

1.Primary disease treatment:

After Primary disease identified, after diagnosis, you can choose appropriate treatment. Such as, anal fissure, local anesthesia first, surgical treatment of lateral internal sphincter; colon cancer do full or palliative resection; case by drug-induced constipation, you should stop taking the drug or switch to other without constipation side effect drugs; psychosis, endocrine and metabolic disease caused constipation should be treated accordingly as soon as possible to eliminate the impact of the primary disease to intestine.

2.General treatment:

If it is difficult to find the primary disease, or before find the primary factor of constipation, use general way to treat constipation can be helpful.

3.Drug treatment:

There is many kind of constipation treatment drugs, but most are not suitable for patients with chronic constipation, also suitable for long-term use. Currently, doctors use too much laxatives, cause iatrogenic constipation, should be carefully selected by clinical practice. Please refer to constipation remeides and constipation cures.

4.Enema treatment:

Mainly used before bowel preparation before surgery, fecal impaction, acute constipation. Warm saline is the best choice, because it don't hurt the intestine, soapy water hurt colonic mucosa, should be avoided. In addition, enema use too often can cause dependence, be careful.

5.Surgical treatment:

The main indications for surgical treatment is colon, rectum, anal canal organic or functional disease caused constipation.

6.Diet aid:

Should be appropriate to eat more foods containing cellulose, develop the habits of drink a glass of water or honey water in the morning, also drink water, lemon juice and other hot drinks before eat, improve bowel movements, stimulate defecation reflex; adequate ingestion of fats and oils.

7.Massage the abdomen:

From right to left massage repeatedly, encourage the elderly discharge whenever they want, to avoid constipation and intestinal fecal accumulate.

8. Herbal treatment.

There's many herbal constipation remedies can help you, please refer to constipation herbs, our constipation relief pad is made by those herbs, it is natrual, herbal, no side effect, easy to use, just stick one piece to your navel, within 2 hours, you will go to restroom like normal, no pain, no discomfort, you can work or study or play like normal, for more details please refer to constipation cures.