Constipation in infants, toddler constipation, causes, diagnostic, treatment.

How to take care of toddler constipationt, constipation in infants.

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What is constipation in infants or toddler constipation?

Infants or toddler here means babies from born to less than 12 month old. Constipation in infants is very common, refers to the stool dry and hard, longer time intervals, sometimes difficult defecation. Simple constipation usually caused by an increase in colonic absorption of water lead to electrolyte increase.

Baby eating too little, after digestion fluid absorption, residue reduce, causing the stool reducing, thickens. Insufficient milk sugar intestinal creep move weak, can lead to dry stool. Inadequate diet time longer cause malnutrition, abdominal and intestinal muscle tension reduction, or even shrinking, shrinking weakened, creating a vicious cycle, aggravate constipation.

Constipation in infants, toddler constipation - overview.

Constipation means the dry hard stool, relatively longer time intervals, sometimes difficult defecation. Simple constipation usually caused by colonic absorption of water electrolyte increases caused. Most kids stool solution once a day, but some kids do not have this habit, some two to three days a stool solution, and some even every 4 to 5 days a solution. Many causes of constipation, parents should be given a different way depending on the reason to treat constipation.

Constipation in infants, toddler constipation - causes.

1. Inadequate diet

Baby eating too little, after fluid absorption digestion, residue reduced, causing stool reduce, thickens. Insufficient sugar in milk lead to peristalsis weak, can cause dry stool. Inadequate diet for a period, can cause malnutrition, abdominal and intestinal muscle tension reduce , or even shrinking, shrinking stregnth weakened, form a vicious cycle, make constipation more serious.

2. Improper food ingredients

Stool is closely related to food ingredients. For example: foods containing a lot of protein, and carbohydrate deficiency, lead intestinal flora changes, intestinal performs less fermentation process, the stool is easy to become alkaline and dry; if the food contains more carbohydrates, increase intestinal fermentation bacteria, increase fermentation, produce acid more cause acidic stool easily, stool produce more often and more soft; if fat and carbohydrate ingestion high, then the stool more lubricant.

If eat a lot of calcium caseinate, calcium feces contain large amounts of insoluble soap, feces increased, and easy to constipation. Carbohydrates in rice, flour foods compare to cereals easier to occur constipation. Pediatric partial eclipse, many children like eating meat, eat or do not eat vegetables, too little cellulose, easy to constipation.

In the milk, conjunction with palm and calcium to form calcium soap.

General formula often add palm oil, is the common cause of dry stool while feeding and artificial milk. In the digestive process, palm oil and calcium in the food ingredients will be combined to form calcium soap, which is hard texture, causing dry stool, constipation or bowel problems.

Therefore, you should choose milk without adding palm oil formula, such as Abbott parental care digestible formula feeding infants, avoid stool incentive to avoid drying stool occurred. In addition, such a digestible formula milk powder also call macromolecular protein partially hydrolyzed, a small protein known as mild, easy to digest, but also help to improve poor digestion of milk protein-induced dry stool.

constipation in infants constipatin in infants causes

3. Intestinal dysfunction

Bad habit, don't defecation on time, can't form defecation reflex because constipation are common. Another school-age children often don't have early morning bowel habits, and learning time cannot defecation, stool hold in class is common cause of constipation. Use laxatives or enemas often, lack of physical activity, or suffering from chronic diseases such as: malnutrition, rickets, hypercalcemia, dermatomyositis, cretinism and congenital myasthenia gravis, because of intestinal muscle weakness, functional disorders lead to constipation.

Sympathetic dysfunction, muscle weakness or paralysis often cause constipation. Taking certain drugs can reduce bowel movements can lead to constipation, such as anticholinergic drugs, antacids, certain anti-seizure drugs, diuretics and iron and so on.

4. Physical and physiological abnormalities

Such as anal fissure, anal stricture, Hirschsprung's disease, spina bifida, or tumor compression of the cauda equina, etc. can cause constipation. Do rectal examination and check the lower part of the spine and the perineum. Some children have constipation after born, check family history, possible related to heredity.

5. Psychological factors

Infants from sudden mental stimulation, or sudden changes in the environment and lifestyle may also cause temporary constipation, so, what causes constipation in infants?

Here it answer is: Lack of lactose in milk.

In general, breast milk lactose content was 7.5%, while the content of lactose in milk is only 4.8%. If you do not add enough milk sugar, fermentation substance in the intestine shot, because milk are not fully fermented, cause dry constipation.

Some infants constipation is caused due to lack of appetite, and general baby weight increase 30 grams per day, if the increment is less than this number, plus when infants are not sick, it is because of inadequate food intake, should adjust the child's diet. Breastfeeding is the same.

Constipation in infants, toddler constipation - Diagnostic

Detailed consultation stool frequency and history, whether associated with gastrointestinal symptoms such as: abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, growth disorders, medication history. Physical examination should pay attention to the perineum, anus, and anal examination. Note that there is no anal fissure, skin infections, diaper rash, etc.

Finger touches a lot of hard fecal, be discharged after examination, symptoms eased, the diagnosis can be clear.

Infants 24 hours after birth did not discharge meconium, highly suspect obstruction, should do further examination, such as orthostatic shot KUB and so on. Baby have constipation after born right away, should distinguish thyroid dysfunction or Hirschsprung disease.

Hirschsprung′s disease barium enema except colon expansion, also showing a segmental stenosis, chronic constipation colon is full expansion. For constipation in infants should conduct a detailed physical examination and necessary laboratory examinations in order to identify neurological or organic obstruction.

Constipation in infants, toddler constipation - Treatment

Treat the primary disease (eg cretinism, etc.). Fundamental treatment of simple constipation is to improve the content of the diet, add more water and fiber-containing foods (such as grains, vegetables, etc.). at the same time training in bowel habits. Drug therapy for temporary use only when necessary.

1. Human milk-fed infants diet correction

Human milk-fed infants have less chance to have constipation. If happen, in addition to feed human milk, feed more complementary intestines foods, such as water or orange juice sweetened dishes (use fresh orange juicer, commercially bottled orange juice can be polluted after opening bottles), tomato juice, boiled water hawthorn or dates . 4 months or older can add pureed vegetables or cooked fruit purees. Insufficient breast milk, you can add 1 or 2 times 8% sugar to the milk. Honey water daily 60 ~ 90ml, also can be helpful.

2. Artificial feeding baby food Correction.

Artificial feeding children have more chance to get constipation, but use reasonable sugar and food supplement, can avoid constipation. use 8% sugar milk , plus juice (such as tomato juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, jujube juice and other fruit juices with boil water), to stimulate peristalsis. Older infants can add purée, vegetables end, fruit, porridge and other food supplement, also can feed large number of coarse cereals, can add jade rice, millet, oatmeal, etc. made ​​porridge.

1 to 2 years of age, can added a variety of food supplement, daily amount of 500ml milk can be enough, add more whole grains, sweet potatoes , carrots and vegetables, can adding agar jelly.

Malnutrition children with constipation, pay attention to nutrition, gradually increase the food amount, after the nutrition situation improved, belly muscle, intestinal muscle growth, tension increases, defecation will be smoothed naturally and gradually.

3. Mamiai probiotics Mamiai probioticsAtlas. Adding probiotic milk can relieve constipation:

If intake beneficial bacteria daily, not only can suppress harmful intestinal flora growth, but also can provide a good environment for the growth of intestinal bacteria, creating a healthy gut, improve digestion and constipation imbalances.

There is Bacillus subtilis (B. subtilis) contained in the "Mamiai", have a good effect of decomposition of lactose, can help children to digest milk or milk powder to absorb. Bacteria in "Mamiai" can promote the absorption of nutrients in milk, proteins contains in milk. It contains essential nutrients necessary for the growth and metabolism like vitamin B1, B2, B6, can help children growth.

4. Training habits

Defecation is reflex movement, children can be trained to develop good regular bowel habits. Generally babies can start training more than three months after the morning feeding support by adult hands, or bidet small stool chair, continuous-time implementation of a month and a half to form a habit. Do not change after cultivate.

For older children with chronic constipation, in addition to encouraging them doing more exercise, eating more fiber food, also good regular bowel habits, to develop good habits.

5. Other therapies

Children can drink magnesia milk every night before bedtime at 0.5 ~ 1ml/ kg, or liquid paraffin each 0.5ml / kg, can also mix those two to drink to prevent only use paraffin, the oil can leak from the anus.

These drugs can be used for 3-5 days, while training the next morning stool. To avoid inhalation, baby and infant do not use paraffin oil. Children can also be used phenolphthalein every 3mg / kg, before bedtime.

Acute constipation or fecal impaction, use enema (glycerin and sorbitol formulations) 5 ~ 10ml injected into the anus, rectum causing stimulate defecation; home can use a small soap bars into the anus baby to laxative, can also be worn like a little finger leather gloves dipped in a small amount of paraffin oil or petroleum jelly, inserted into the anus purge. Enema to stimulate is too strong, easy become dependence, do not use normally.

6. Herbal treatment

This can be the best for both constipation in infants, constipation in babies, children, adult at all ages, it is natural no side effect, no pain no stimulate, can help bowel naturally smoothly happen, without any discomfort.

Chinese medicine believes that chronic constipation mostly because by intestinal dry, moisture loss lead to constipation, due to imbalance of Yin and Yang. Constipation Relief pad is made of natural Chinese medicine, you can cut 1/4 of one piece stick to the infant's navel, it will improve the balance of Intestinal environment, cure constipation naturally.