Chronic constipation definition.

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What is chronic constipation?

Constipation is a group of symptom which frequency of excretion reduction, stool volume reduction, feces dry, excretion effort. Chronic constipation is constipatoin for a minimum of six months period.

Chronic constipation is a very common symptom. 1999 in Rome at the globe medicine meeting, in Rome Ⅱ diagnostic criteria developed chronic canal disorders, the diagnostic criteria for chronic constipation as: within the past year, 3 months amount have 2 or quite 2 of below symptoms:

(1) minimum 1/4 of the time excretion hard;
(2) minimum 1/4 of the time stool soiled dry;
(3) minimum 1/4 of the time feel excretion cannot be finished;
(4) minimum 1/4 of the time feel internal organ obstruction or anal part obstruction;
(5) minimum 1/4 the time excretion need to use hand to help;
(6) minimum of 1/4 of the time excretion less than 3 times per week.

While no laxatives medication mistreatment, often stools is too dry. not meet the diagnostic criteria for irritable internal organ syndrome; exclude organic viscus cause or general factors and drug-induced constipation.

Chronic constipation classification:

slow transit and outlet obstruction, plus mixed constipation.

Slow transit constipation (slow transit constipation, STC) has below subsequent syndrome:
(1) Intestinal organ movements times reduced, excretion need reduced, soiled arduous and dry, result in tough excretion.
(2) No anal body part, stool or feces arduous once body part bit, the external sphincter and anal discharge operate properly.
(2) no anal rectal stool, no feces hit hard when seized, while the external anal sphincter and anal discharge power function properly.
(3) Total gastrointestinal tract or intestine pass time prolonged.
(4) lack of outlet obstruction constipation proof, like the balloon expulsion check OK, anorectal manometry OK.

Outlet obstruction constipation (OOC ):

(1) excretion arduous, cannot be finished or a feeling falling, excretion less, lack of intention of defection.
(2) directeral rectun examination show some mud-like stool, while eliminate, the external sphincter contraction act contradictory.
(3) total gastrointestinal tract or intestine transit time normal, most markers will retention within the intestine.
(4) anal manometry show when the external sphincter discharge, external anal sphincter contraction contradictory or rectum wall pressure threshold abnormal.

Mixed constipation: slow transit constipatoin and outlet abstruction constipation.

Chronic Constipation will damage Your health.

Although Constipation isn't a heavy disease, it's painful, and may result in some complications, stool accumulation within the viscous, continuously produce harmful gases, coxins, leading to deterioration of the viscous atmosphere, canal disorders, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, loss of craving and poor sleep, fat, mental stress and so on.

Stool oppression viscous wall, defect the viscous, internal organ movements slow, leading to refractory constipation and habitual constipation, stool odor cause unhealthy breath and smelly fartarrogant, stool produce twenty two kinds of different toxins which absorbed by the gut repeatedly, get into the blood transit to all over the body, leading to dark or rough skin, pores, brown spots, acne, small wrinkles, obesity, fatigue, irritability; stool toxins get into the blood, the older will have high pressure level, cardiovascular disease, hemiplegia, older dementedness, etc., increase the possibility of cardiovascular diseases.

For hypertension, coronary cardiovascular disease patient, constipation is incredibly dangerous, discharge can cause acute cerebra vascular accident, coronary cardiovascular disease become worse, or even death. For youth, constipation will cause endocrine disorders, leading to irritability, acne, additionally, constipation will cause high fever, coughing, for these issues and sometimes constipation treatment will receive miraculous.

Constipation have great impact on girls, could cause menstruation disorders, internal reproductive organ position abnormal. This is often as a result of stool over-filling within intestine, cervix was forced moving forward and nevertheless the uterus is pushed backwards. If the uterus go backward for a long period, blood pressure will increase, the female internal uterus wall congestion can occur, loss physical property, make uterus permanent backward position, result in sacral pain, back pain, menstruation disorders, anal pendant expansion during menstruation.

Chronic constipation causes:

  • Lack of exercise: Due to less activities, the elder’s abdominal muscle is weak, abdomen and intestines muscles don’t have the power they used to have and this will cause digesting issues which result in constipation.

  • Poor mental and health stuatoin: Due to nervous or depressed most of the older people have constipation symptoms which is the result of the nerve dysfunction. Some chronic disease like granular disease, mental disorder and so on will continue to cause constipation.

  • Drug factors: Several older individuals stricken by upset that need long term medication. Some antihypertensive medication and diuretics medication can cause constipation.

  • Lack of water: The older thirst sensation belittled once the body is in need of water but they don’t feel thirsty. That makes the moisture within the gut reduced, inflicting dry stool.

  • Dietary factors: diet, lack of high polyose content from the food intake, particularly when there is a lack of fruits and whole grains, lead to massive viscous water reduced and alteration of microorganisms which causes constipation.

Clinical symptoms of chronic constipation .

Sometimes the symptoms of chronic constipation are not always obvious. However, for people who have neuroticism may complain of loss of craving, mouth pain, boating, belching, abdominal pain episodes and a lot of different canal symptoms. The symptoms can also be shown through headache, fatigue and different medical specialty purposeful symptoms. These symptoms could occur by internal organ dysfunction or mental factors.

As a result of stool dry and arduous, or sheep-like, the patient could have lower abdominal cramps, feeling falling and discomfort. On some occasions you can feel the left lower quadrant colon palpable spasm by touch.

Chronic constipation can be divided into functional constipation and organic constipation, occur mostly among the older and infirm individuals. Whereas chronic constipation, the constipation lasts long term and can cause a lot of harm to your body meaning chronic constipation must be cured.

Chronic constipation remedies and conronic constipatoin treatment.

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